Making money from satcoms

Satellite connectivity too expensive?

Tired of paying for a service that you’re not making enough use of? MultiSat CommuniPod is a bandwidth neutral connectivity hub solution developed by FSM that revolutionises your maritime communications.

The CommuniPod  works by scanning your satcoms unit for activity and that of any ships in the same satellite beam.

When the CommuniPod locks on to a ship, which is using its capacity to the maximum, it shares your signal with the partner vessel at a premium rate.
Effectively this enables you to rent out your sat link to neighbouring ships when you are not using it and allow you to earn money in the process.

The service is designed to take advantage of bandwidth scarcity in congested waters by enabling ships to pool their bandwidth and trade capacity as and when they need it.

Comments FSM’s founder Sten Larsen: “Satcoms is not just expensive, it’s complicated. We have found a way to save our clients money and even enable them to earn additional revenues, which is ideal for shipowners on a budget.”

The CommuniPod works across all major maritime satellite constellations and can be adapted to work on L-Band, VSAT or LTE services.

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